[Halloween party]

  • The Halloween party was held on October 31st at AZ Bay House! Everyone called out to do it, and it seems that a lot of people gathered, and I really feel good friends! It's a fun Halloween with each costume!

[Tasting & dining]

  • Members of AZ Bay House came to the tasting party during development! I'm glad you came a lot! It will be a different day, but I went to a yakiniku scrutiny shop together because of a request to eat meat!

[AZ Bay House New Member]

  • A new member has moved to AZ Bay House!
    It was rugby, so macho! Now I'm a rugby coach!
    I want you to have a good day at the share house!

[Birthday party]

  • September 14th was the birthday of Mint share member Caro!
    Mint, AZ Bay House member, Caro's friends also came!
    Happy Birthday!!

[Kick down Craftsman]

  • We made a T-shirt for Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym Seiseikai, which AZ is supporting!The T-shirt will also be presented to Caro and Kitahama Slash Master!I got a cake from the master! It's a luxury lunch today too!

[Surprise party]

  • We went to Kitahama Slash where Mint member Caro is working for lunch!
    I went to buy a cake and ate dessert!
    I am very satisfied with my stomach!

[Surprise party]

  • We had a surprise party with Pier!Loved by everyone!
    He had a very good memory on the last day!

[In the last memory]

  • I'm a member of AZ Bay House and I'm going back to France, so at the end I went to a sushi restaurant for a memory! I think Piet grew up when I first met him and became an adult man!

[AZ Bay House New Member]

  • New members have moved to the 3rd floor of AZ Bay House! She contacted us on Instagram! She is a woman who speaks English and has beautiful skin! I hope you will enjoy interacting with various people at this share house!

[AZ Bay House New Member]

  • A new member has moved into the ground floor of AZ Bay House! A very cute woman from America! I'm good at speaking Japanese well! It seems that you are in Osaka for the first time, so I hope you will enjoy various things!

[AZ Bay House Hanabi]

  • It's a pity that fireworks festivals were canceled this year!
    Fireworks display at AZ Bay House! Handheld fireworks are also good!
    Everyone looks very fun!

[Sympathy for the summer]

  • I would like to express my sympathy during the summer. It is a post from Mint after a long time.As I watch the news of the increase in corona infections, I am wondering if the people who have moved in up to now are in good health. I wish you health.

[Birthday party]

  • On August 1st, I had a birthday party for AZ Bay House member Pierre!
    The members who have recently moved in are also gathering and I am happy to have a friendship day!

[AZ Bay House New Member]

  • AZ Bay House has moved into a new member!
    I am very happy to have a bright person move in.
    I hope you have a good time!

[Former members and meals]

  • I went out for dinner with a former member of AZ Bay House!
    I'm glad to see you like this!
    I had a good time!

[AZ Bay House New Member]

  • New members have moved into AZ Bay House! I visited about 6 share houses from other companies and finally decided to AZ Bay House!
    I am glad that you are kind and move in to a good person!

[Mint member byte ahead]

  • I went to lunch for a part-time job of a person living in Mint! Walking distance from the office! She worked hard!
    The lunch was delicious.

[See off]

  • Sharehouse members will be leaving.
    We all have to see you off.
    Thank you until today!

[Stay home]

  • Sweets and drink gifts!
    You need to be at home, so eat and refresh yourself.

[Alcohol sanitizer]

  • We will deliver alcohol disinfectants to those who live in AZ Share House!
    Everyone, wash your hands and gargle!

[Cherry blossoms]

  • I wanted to show the cherry blossoms to Caro, a Frenchman, so we went to see them together!

[French people]

  • Karo from France who lives in Mint has been invited to AZ Bay House!
    AZ Bay House has three people from France, so he seemed to get along and talked until midnight!

[AZ Bay House Mini Live]

  • AZ Bay House is a good Argentine trio! Sang an old Spanish song!
    It was a share house!

[New member]

  • A new member has moved in! It is a friend of the member who lives originally! Argentina is now three!Right now, AZ Bay House is home to people from Argentina, France, Spain, Germany, Taiwan and Japan!

[Move in again]

  • Pierre, who once lived at AZ Bay House, is back! I will live in a share house again from March! Also, thank you!

[Mint farewell party]

  • We went to eat together with Mint members, also as a farewell party!
    Because it is a women-only share house, it is a girls-only gathering!
    I talked a lot and had a good time!

[Birthday party]

  • A new member has moved in! He is from Germany! He is good at taking photos and all the photos posted on Instagram are so beautiful!

[Ebisu Shrine visit]

  • On the day of Ebisu, a shared member of AZ Bay House came to our office, so we went to Horikawa Ebisu Shrine together!
    Two share members visited Ebisu for the first time!

[Happy New Year!]

  • The first two new members of 2020 are from Argentina and will be moving in with friends!

[Meals with people from France]

  • I went to a shop on the 5th and 6th floor of the Carroll Kasugae building with two French people living in AZ Bay House!
    Even if you listen to French, you have a good intonation for your ears!

[To Italian cuisine]

  • Two people who live in AZ Bay House came to the office and went to eat together!
    Both are friendly and very good!

[French residents]

  • A new person has moved in to AZ Bay House! He came from France!
    He studied the history of the world and became interested in Japanese history.
    I want him to see a lot of Japanese culture.

[Buckwheat noodles]

  • I went to eat soba with a new resident from Germany!
    Looks like it was the first soba noodle! Was it delicious? ?

[Piano presentation]

  • Piano presentation was held at AZ Bay House share house.
    It is good to eat while listening to the piano.

[Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 2019 Part2]

  • Yodogawa Fireworks Festival! The photos from the share members were beautiful, so I uploaded them!

[Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 2019 Part1]

  • We watched the Yodogawa Fireworks Festival with our share members in the 45th floor room of City Tower Osaka, which we own! It looked so beautiful and everyone was happy!
    After that, I went to a restaurant nearby! I had a good time!

[Reiwa party]

  • We had a dinner party with a member of AZ Bay House and a dish on the sand of Carol Kasuka Building 6F.
    Marcos, Bar looks good!

[Reiwa party]

  • I went to eat eel with Kim who entered the Mint Share House.
    In Korea, I am studying painting at university.
    We will support you to have a good experience in Japan.

[Reiwa party]

  • We had a dinner party at the dining & bar on the 6th floor of Carroll Kasuga Building owned by our company! I drank sake, which costs 1000 yen per cup, and received various dishes.

[Reiwa party]

  • We also held a party for the beginning of the first year of the year starting today!

[The last ramen of Heisei]

  • Four men went to eat the last ramen of Heisei!
    The members who lived in the share house before also went with me!

[Mint Sushiro & Pizza Party]

  • We had sushi & pizza party! We also joined from Bay, and new members of French, Spanish, and Japanese were ready!

[Welcome party]

  • We had a welcome party as new members moved in! German women and French men have moved! Everyone's English ability is also going to improve!

[Octopus Shabu]

  • We held a farewell party for Mr. Yannick who returned to my homeland in Germany!Yannick was kind to everyone and was loved by everyone!
    It was a very good farewell party!

[Octopus Shabu]

  • I went to eat tako shab with a member of AZ Bay House!
    They are very bright and very nice people!

[Dinner party]

  • Han's mother living in the share house came to Japan, so I went to dinner together! Han's mother was talking happily, so it was good!

[Pounding mochi]

  • We invited you to "Pounding mochi" cooked with AZ shared members and horseshoe rice terraces in Shiga prefecture! Members of India and Germany are the first rice cake experiences. Mochi is fresh and tasty!


  • I went to eat kushikatsu with Mint members!She heard he wanted to eat Kushikatsu in Osaka by all means! It was nice to be pleased!

[Osaka Aquarium Tours & Parties]

  • I took a share member to the aquarium.It seemed to be very interesting and I enjoyed it very much!After that, we had a party at AZ Bay House!

[Invitation party]

  • I invited the Egyptian Yara-san who lives in the mint share house to the AZ bay house and had a party.It seems that it was a fun day, sightseeing in Osaka for a while before the party, and it became a happy feeling here as well!

『Sky Dining bar』

  • I went to the sky dining bar where I can eat while watching the night view with a shared member!There was a live song, and I felt elegant feeling! It was a lovely day!

[Kimchi pot party]

  • Kimchi pot party at AZ Bay House!Kimchi I bought at Korean Town in Tsurubashi!Cucumber Kimchi Popularity!Recently new members increased, so it became a party deepening friendship again!

[Share member and Fishing]

  • I went fishing!!At first glance there are plenty of fish inhabited by places like dirty Dob River, full of life!Returning to the share house, I cooked the fish I caught and ate together with everyone!


  • Taiwanese of mint share will return to Taiwan, so we did a joint party with bay members!Some people who lived in the share house before also came.I went to Osaka Castle on my way home!

Friendship party

  • After shopping at a supermarket, we had a party at AZ Bay House!People who were considering moving in also joined and I got the share atmosphere seen.If you look at the situation of everyone, I think that you can understand the merit here.

Welcome party]

  • A former share member came back from France and moved in again!And a Japanese woman who just returned from Warholi in Australia has moved in! So hold a welcome party in a hurry!

[Takoyaki party]

  • We played Takoyaki Party!Overseas people, making the first Takoyaki!After all it is difficult for the first time!I usually spin it, it looks like a store man! And everyone told me that!

[Farewell Party&Autumn pike Party

  • Since the share member goes to Yokohama, We did a farewell party! In autumn the pike is in season!I baked a pike with coals. It was very tasty!

[Mint first party]

  • Mint was completely booked, so we held a friendship party!It is a share house of girls only!Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and three Asian countries have been assembled!It was very cute that the child who can not speak Japanese tries hard to tell it!

[Farewell party]

  • We held a farewell party for those who leave from next month!Three months from Korea is short, but he has many memories!

[Cooking Party]

  • A male member of the share was making handmade cakes and sake!Homemade sake seems to have been acclaimed!

[The 6th Rice Party]

  • We will present rice as an event!We will prepare the food and drink of the day!It is a gratifying event for share members!

[The 5th Rice Party]

  • Rice party!Outside, We also baked autumn swords and chicken!The party lasted until midnight!

[Farewell party]

  • After starting AZ 's share, we gave courage Shared members began departing, we held a farewell party!It seemed that it was comfortable for she that She was planning to move in only 3 months at the beginning, and lived there for about 2 years!

[Cooking Party]

  • A share member made a cooking!She arrange the seasonal clam with Chinese style and it was very tasty!

[The 4th Rice Party]

  • We held a rice party!I went to buy with shared members and Costco. Because the party was almost all members, it was great fun together.

[AZ Bay House 1st anniversary]

  • Welcome party & AZ bay house party celebrated its 1st anniversary!We had a nice time to eat pizza and eat a large amount of Haagen Dazs that my acquaintance company bought!


  • We went to Costco with a member of Az House Tempozan!Thank you for coming, despite the urgent invitation!

[AZ House Tempozan dinner]

  • I had dinner with AZ House Tenpozan members!We held in a shop near the share house!Drinking continues from 18 o'clock to 23 o'clock, everyone is drinking!

[The 3th Rice Party]

  • Everyone participated and it was very exciting!Beginning drinks are gone, and we bought a couple of times again at convenience stores!Request, Haagen Dazs also buy a box!

[The 2th Rice Party]

  • Welcome party of a person who moved to the 3rd floor, teacher of judicial scrivener offered us rice to share!At the party of rice, it is a party to offer rice to members!

[Cooking party]

  • This time, I cooked!The members also cooked!It was fun to have lots of people gathered!

[Italian cuisine party]

  • The Italian chef opened a cooking lesson!We cooked a lot of dishes with share members!

[The 1st Takoyaki Party]

  • Continue from last time, hold a Takoyaki Party!Takoyaki We made was also very tasty!Takoyaki with my white chocolate was not popular!

Takoyaki party

  • Takoyaki party was held!Thank you for joining us, although suddenly!Thanks to you, AZ's bay house is more than expected and the vacancy will disappear during the month!

[The first customer]

  • We began recruiting sharehouses from April and will be the first guest to commemorate!I started worrying about running the share house, so I was worried, but I decided to move in on that day!

[Shooting date]

  • It was the shooting day of the share house!Until detail he took a photograph with enthusiasm!

[Share house preparation]

  • We assembled furniture.
    We was praised that this share house is nice!